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2003 World Yo-Yo Championships

This is the first documentary ever produced on the World Yo-Yo Championships. Hosted by Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer, foremost authority on the history of the yo-yo. This 22 minute documentary highlights the five styles of championship play and features some of the most notable personalities in the world yo-yo community. Filmed on location at the 11th Annual World Yo-Yo Championships held in Orlando, FL. Produced by LuckyRoseFilms Inc. Distributed by Lucky J's Swim & Surf, Inc. Running Time 22 minutes. This is great viewing for the entire family.
Yo-Yo Kings DVD

"Doc Lucky", Guinness World Record holder for the largest yo-yo collection and yo-yo historian, presents "Yo-Yo Kings" a three part DVD on yo-yos. "Doc Lucky" takes viewers through the world's largest yo-yo collection, showing strange and bizarre yo-yos that mix drinks, make ice cream, blow bubbles and more. From collectible yo-yos that sell for more than $1000 each to a six foot yo-yo man statue made of over 600 different yo-yos "Doc Lucky" shows the interesting and entertaining side of yo-yo collecting. In the second section, the top yo-yo players in the world are shown competing in the world yo-yo championships. You may think you know how to play the yo-yo, but can you loop two yo-yos while doing a somersault, can you play a yo-yo not attached to the string, can you make the yo-yo perform with the string not attached to the finger? Well they can and you will be awed. Finally "Doc Lucky" takes yo-yo newbie's through the basic yo-yo tricks. Want to know how to "walk the dog" or do "rock the baby" well "Doc Lucky" will show you how to do these tricks and more. A video the entire family can watch and enjoy together about one of the most enduring toys that each generation rediscovers. Cast: Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D., John Meisenhieimer, VII, Jake Meisenheimer, Maximus Meisenheimer, Jacquie Meisenheimer Title #231600 Format: DVD-R
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